Exciting Information for Agents Regarding Auto Insurance Leads.

Millions of online searches are done each year by people looking to get hold of affordable car insurance quotes. They proactively visit sites like CarInsuranceQuote.com and provide personal information. Their expectation is to receive calls and emails from insurance professionals who can help them lower their car insurance quotes. Sound like a good way to build your business? Well, it is!

There are many benefits in buying car insurance from internet leads. They include:

  • You determine how many leads you want per day, per week, per month—you decide!
  • You select the geographic locations of where you want the leads to come from (by zip, county, city or state)
  • There are no up-front costs
  • You simply pay a flat Cost per Lead for each qualified lead received
  • All leads are emailed to you real-time. Real-time delivery within seconds will allow you to close more business
  • Search results generated leads
  •  This ensures that lead quality remains high

Whether you have been an insurance agent for 30 years or 6 months, purchasing car insurance leads is a very smart decision. You do not need ANY technical knowledge to buy internet leads. If you know how to receive emails and are able to call prospects promptly, you are ready to proceed with your internet lead buying program. Other marketing initiatives require you to spend money, with no guarantee of receiving any leads. With CarInsuranceQuote.com, you will only pay for qualified leads. That is one of the main reasons why thousands of insurance agents purchase internet leads.