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Driving is a task that requires both hands to perform properly. Allowing oneself to become distracted on the road is dangerous. Even on a relatively empty road, tasks that occupy a driver’s hands and eyes can significantly increase the chance of an accident or collision.

Bluetooth technology makes it much easier for a driver to perform many typical tasks For example, a Bluetooth headset can allow drivers to hold conversations over their cell phones without the use of their hands. Because Bluetooth devices are wireless, there is also no danger of a wire becoming tangled in a driver’s hand or arm at an inconvenient moment.

Integrated systems

Modern automobiles are very complex, and some incorporate Bluetooth capability into built-in systems. A Bluetooth-enabled stereo, for example, might be able to connect to the driver’s or passenger’s cellphone, allowing them to use the vehicle’s speakers and microphone.

Even vehicles not equipped with this technology can benefit if the owner purchases a hands-free kit that hooks up to the phone. Those who need or want to remain in continuous contact, whether for business or personal reasons, can do so without needing a second phone just for their car.

Bluetooth technology can be used to connect a variety of devices. In addition to the stereo, a cell phone could be connected to a GPS to allow the user to conveniently access maps. This can work even if the GPS device itself is in the trunk or otherwise not conveniently accessible.

Alternatively, a wireless headset can be connected to an MP3 player or similar device, allowing drivers and passengers to listen to the music or other auditory entertainment of their choice in relative privacy.

Advantages of Bluetooth

Compared to the alternatives, Bluetooth technology may be safer for those using it and the other drivers on the road. California has a law encouraging the use of hands-free devices, which led to a sharp increase in purchases before it went into effect.

The convenience of being able to easily interface different devices can be beneficial anywhere. Those who commute go on vacation or travel for any reason might enjoy the advantages even more than most, with the ability to connect cell phones, computers and other devices for better use of mobile and online services.

That said, the increased safety while on the road may be more valuable. While the use of such electronics does not necessarily have a direct impact on auto insurance, safer roads inevitably encourage lower premiums, so there may be financial benefits as well.