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Some models of BMW cars will be voluntarily recalled, the company announced today, due to maintenance issues and compliance with emissions standards. Affected vehicles will be eligible, if necessary, for a fuel pump replacement at BMW's expense, without the need to involve car insurance companies in payment.

Drivers of the affected cars – which include the most recent four model years of 335i, last three years of 135i, 535i, and X6 xDrive 35i coupes, and last two years of Z4 Roadster sDrive 35i – may have noticed several symptoms that could indicate their vehicle is one of those suffering from the problem in question. Check engine lights and long-crank starting times are frequently seen in affected models, the company said. Motorists may also have noticed poor engine performance when the car is in Safe Mode.

BMW did note, however, that not all cars displaying these symptoms would be eligible for the free maintenance provided by the recall. A repair history of each vehicle will need to be examined in order to properly diagnose any problems. Those that are covered, though, should either be fixed by a replacement of the high-pressure fuel pump or an update to the car's internal software, the company said.

BMW said that it expects roughly 130,000 of its cars to be affected by the recall, and that about 40,000 of those will need their high-pressure fuel pumps replaced. Owners of the affected models should be sure to take their car in to a nearby dealership in order to determine what, if any, maintenance is needed.

Although the problem covered by the recall is potentially significant from a maintenance standpoint, BMW says that no injuries or deaths have resulted from it.