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For many, the allure of a classic car is a powerful one. But despite the strong aesthetic incentives to drive a vintage auto, there are a number of drawbacks that can result in maintenance and car insurance issues for owners of such a vehicle. Fortunately, though, there are ways to keep classic cars on the road for a long time, according to One Stop Motors.

It can be difficult for the owners of some classic cars to maintain their value, the online consumer automotive site says. The exterior can be particularly problematic, given that many of the parts – particularly logos and decorations – are no longer in production. Keeping the exterior in good condition and putting the car in a garage when not in use can help preserve its value, One Stop Motors says.Get insurance for your Classic Sports Car

Knowing whether a vehicle still has its original engine parts is critical to successfully maintaining it, the website says. Modernized vehicles won’t have too many special maintenance concerns, but old-school engines and transmissions are very different from their present-day counterparts, and drivers would be well-advised to seek out a mechanic with extensive experience in old cars in order to make sure the car keeps running, according to One Stop Motors.

While older cars may have particular maintenance concerns, regular service is essential to keeping a vehicle of any age on the road. Small problems can quickly blossom into big ones if left unchecked. Well-maintained cars are likely to be safer, and a better safety record is important both for its own sake and for the sake of getting more favorable car insurance rates, experts say.