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While many consumers get car insurance, they may not all understand their coverage.

According to a recent survey from MetLife Auto & Home, a number of questions posed to consumers came back with results indicating some did not understand car insurance policies. For example, 56 percent of those polled said they thought the cost for items like batteries and tires would be reimbursed in full after an accident.

In fact, the company noted, most car insurance providers will take into account depreciation on these auto parts, meaning consumers won't get a check that will cover brand-new replacements.

While auto insurance provides against damages from vandalism or theft of a car, some of its contents are not covered. While 33 percent of respondents thought possessions like mp3 players and cell phones would be protected through a vehicle policy, they are in fact part of homeowners, renters or condo insurance.

The survey also showed some consumers may be in the dark regarding paying too much for certain forms of coverage. Twenty-eight of respondents said they bough insurance through a rental car company, even though they may already have it under their regular policy or through their credit card.

There are other ways consumers may be able to save on car insurance rates when shopping. For example, providers may offer discounts for combining home and auto coverage or having more than one car on a policy.

Another option involves increasing deductibles, which will lead to lower monthly premiums. Reducing the amount of miles driven in a year can also lead to reduced rates, as can carpooling or using public transportation.

Some providers may also offer loyalty discounts for their customers, while others will try to entice people away from their current providers by offering reduced rates for a period of time.