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There are some simple ways drivers can both save money on their car insurance policies and improve the quality of their coverage, according to an article in Forbes Magazine.

One type of car insurance no driver should be without, according to Forbes, is uninsured motorist coverage. While someone whose car is damaged by another driver with no insurance would, without such a policy, be on the hook for any necessary repairs, the coverage provides protection against this. While Forbes reports many states don't require drivers to have this kind of policy, it's generally a good idea to have it.

Another easy way to save money is to simply increase the deductible on an auto insurance plan. While this could leave drivers responsible for significantly higher proportions of repair costs if they get into an accident, they will pay that much less in premiums, according to the magazine.

Forbes also notes careful research can help consumers discover less well-known ways to save on their car insurance policies. From taking defensive driving courses to participating in workplace discount programs, the ability to chip away at premium payments is there, according to the report.

However, Forbes cautions drivers against purchasing discounted "limited tort" insurance, which deprives them of the possibility of recovering damages for pain and suffering. Such funds could be needed to replace lost income or "help around the house," the magazine says.

Other experts say drivers must be aware of the laws governing car insurance in their jurisdiction. While only one U.S. state – New Hampshire – does not require at least some form of auto insurance the levels and types of mandated coverage vary widely.