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Timing is Everything When Buying a Car and Comparing Car Insurance QuotesWalking into a dealership at 12pm. on a bright, Saturday afternoon looking to buy a new vehicle may cost the consumer a good deal.

Potential car owners are constantly looking for the best deals on the market and even when they find an affordable dealership, there are ways to drive the cost of a car even lower. By doing so, along with shopping around for cheap car insurance quotes, consumers can relieve the strain on their finances that generally comes with buying a new car.

Weather has an Impact

Car dealers have a quota and deadline to reach just as most other employees do. Therefore, the days in which fewer customers are expected to show up are generally ones when the dealer will sacrifice more to get that sale. Rainy days are an example of this, according to the auto review company. Fewer consumers are willing to travel through the rain for a car sale, so the number of sales a dealer may make goes down.

However, just because a consumer shows up on a rainy day, doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll get a good deal. Certain car dealers may view such consumers as desperate because they’re looking to buy even through the inclement weather.

Time of Year Also Important

During big holiday weeks, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, auto dealerships also expect fewer sales. It may be a perfect time for a consumer to buy if they’re still in the neighborhood. Often, dealers will cut back on inventory during holiday seasons to negate the expected low sales, but generally this is a good time to find a decent price on a vehicle.

Many experts say the time surrounding Labor Day is usually the best time of year to buy a car while rates for auto insurance remain roughly the same throughout the year. Cheaper auto deals occur around Labor Day because automakers are attempting to empty out their previous year’s models and make room for newer ones.

Some dealerships additional cash rebates or favorable financing terms during that time period to motivate buyers to make a deal. On any given month, experts also suggest buying a car toward the end of a month when dealers are trying to reach their manufacturer’s quotas.

Overall, the best circumstances for a car purchase may be a rainy, windy Labor Day Weekend.