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The environmental impact of modern America's car culture has long been a controversial subject, but advancing technology and some common-sense habits can let motorists keep their cars in good shape without causing undue damage to the environment, according to an article from automotive repair site

One of the most important steps home mechanics can take to limit their environmental impact, the website says, is to recycle all used oil, car parts, and antifreeze. "If all the oil from American do-it-yourself oil changers were recycled, it would be enough to supply more than 50 million cars a year," according to

Another good way to keep home auto repairs green is to repair damaged parts, rather than replacing them, the website says. Throwing out auto parts can be wasteful, and opting to repair instead of replace can even save motorists money, according to Given current fuel and auto insurance costs, this could make a big difference in the long run, and might even free up money to get more serious repairs taken care of professionally.

If something must be replaced, says, a good option can be to purchase refurbished or rebuilt parts. Like the option to repair rather than replace, this can help home mechanics save cash, "while also reducing the amount of raw materials consumed and harmful emissions generated," says.

Beyond using green techniques when performing maintenance at home, drivers can opt for hybrids or other high-mileage vehicles the next time they're in the market for a new car, since the reduced fuel costs and will help both their monthly bills and the global environment, experts say.