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Top 10 reasons to get comprehensive car insurance quotes

While it’s not mandatory for those researching car insurance, comprehensive car insurance coverage includes protection from a number of different dangers that car owners may otherwise need to pay for themselves.

1. Theft – One of the most significant advantages of having comprehensive coverage is that it means the insurance company will pay if the car itself is stolen. While newer, flashier cars may be stolen more frequently than other vehicles that may be little help to a driver whose only transportation has vanished.

2. Vandalism – Vandalism is another incident not covered by standard policies alone. If a car is hit while it’s on the side of the road and the other motorist drives off, owners could be left in the lurch if they don’t have comprehensive insurance.

3. Storm damage – Standard policies alone also don’t include coverage for any kind of storm damage. As recent weather events have shown, storms can cause major damage at any time.

4. Tree damage – Many drivers park their car near a tree or trees in their driveways. While this may keep it in the shade it also increases the possibility a branch could fall on the vehicle, crushing the roof, cracking glass or causing even more damage.

5. Flooding – Flooding, which is separate from storm damage, is another concern for car owners. Flood damage isn’t covered under standard auto insurance.

6. Glass protection – Nearly everyone has had a pebble chip their windshield at one point or another. Depending on the company, comprehensive insurance may also pay for auto glass replacement or repair if the windshield is chipped or cracked.

7. Animals – While animal damage may be one of the last things on drivers’ minds, it’s a significant issue. The Insurance Information Institute says there are 1.6 million car-deer collisions alone each year. Each one costs about $3,100.

8. Deductible can be adjusted – The perceived cost of comprehensive insurance is one thing that some people look to avoid. But drivers can also choose to raise their comprehensive deductible, which should cut the bill.

9. It’s sometimes required – For those still paying off an auto loan, sometimes comprehensive coverage is actually required by the bank. That way, if the car is damaged or stolen, the insurance money will pay off the car loan so drivers aren’t making payments on a car they don’t have.

10. Peace of mind – Finally, having comprehensive auto insurance can result in peace of mind for drivers, since they will be able to rest assured knowing nearly any incident will be covered by insurance, and won’t leave them on the hook.

In short, when reviewing car insurance quotes for the lowest costs it may be helpful for consumers to weigh the cost of comprehensive coverage against the potential costs of not having it at all.